Wedding Tips No One Tells You About

Wedding Tips No One Tells You About

Stay hydrated. Break in your heels beforehand. Give your photographer a list of wedding shots. Be present for each moment of your wedding day.

These are great wedding tips. But they’re ones you already know. They’re ones every former bride tells every soon-to-be bride. I’m not here to restate all the before and wedding day tips you already know. I’m here to give you the wedding tips no one really talks about, but they should.

When sending wedding invitations, don’t forget RSVP cards. And on your RSVP cards, underneath the spots for their name, accepts or declines and entree choice, leave a space for guests to put a requested song. That way your DJ will play at least one song every guest enjoys and will get up and dance to.

Have a wedding planning binder.

Everything we do nowadays is digital. But for this one thing, go old school and get a paper binder. A wedding planning binder is great for keeping yourself organized during the wedding planning, but it also makes a cute and fun keepsake to look through 20 years after you get married.

Bring photos and color swatches to your florists.

When meeting with your florist, bring in photos of bouquets and boutineers you like, as well as pictures and color swatches (if you can) of your wedding gown, bridesmaid dresses and ties for the groom and groomsmen. This will better help your florist grasp the exact floral arrangements and colors you want.

Sit and dance in your wedding dress before it gets altered.

A seamstress will tighten and pin your wedding dress while you’re standing. But before telling her everything is great and sending it off to be altered, move around it in. You may need to bring it in, and when you stand it fits perfectly. But if you can’t sit or dance comfortably in it, it’s going to be a really long wedding day. And you don’t want your dress to all of the sudden split down the back at your reception do you?

Video a bridal store worker bustling your dress.

Bustles aren’t as easy as they look. Have your maid of honor or your mom, whomever will be bustling your dress on your wedding day, go with you when trying on your dress after it’s altered and video a worker bustling it. Also, have them practice bustling it while there. This way you both remember how to do it, and have a video to reference in case you forget.

Arrange a wedding party get together before wedding planning begins.

If your wedding party includes friends from high school, college roommates and out-of-state cousins, have a small gathering where everyone can meet and greet before the wedding weekend. Plan a simple dinner for the whole wedding party. Or if you just want to do one for the bridal party, go get manicures or go on a brunch date. This helps avoid awkward wedding-day meetings.

Ask someone to pack food to-go boxes.

Take your ring to get professionally cleaned a day or two before your wedding. Your ring will look extra sparkly for your wedding day photos and for wedding guests who haven’t seen it in person yet. Plus, most jewelers do this for free so why not take advantage?

Eat a protein and complex carbs filled breakfast.

You may be so anxious to get married you don’t feel like eating, but trust me, you need to eat. And a small piece of toast won’t cut it. I get you don’t want to feel or look bloated in your wedding dress, b. But you also don’t want to be hangry on your wedding day. So eat a breakfast high in protein and complex carbs, as these take longer for your body to break down and will keep you going and feeling fuller longer. This is important because you’ll likely go several hours before eating again.

Sit on the toilet backwards.

Wait, what? Is this a real tip? Yes. Think about it. Wedding dresses are always longer and bigger in the back, so you need more room for them, and more room is available at the front of the toilet. And an extra wedding day tip, always have a bridesmaid go with you to the restroom.

Have two pairs of shoes.

It doesn’t matter how cute those heels are, they’re not made for wearing all day and night or to wear while doing the Cha Cha Slide. So include a pair of flats or sandals in your wedding day emergency kit to throw on during your reception. This way your feet won’t be black from walking around barefooted, but you can still comfortably walk around greeting guests and do your best Thriller impression.

Assign someone to be your pull-away person.

Whether it’s your great aunt who you haven’t seen in 15 years or an old roommate’s parents who want to catch up on your wedding day, you don’t want to be rude and just walk away from your conversation—but you also can’t be rude to your other guests and only talk to one person all night. This is where you give someone, preferably a bridesmaid, the job of politely getting you out when you’re stuck. Have them be on the lookout for Chatty Cathys, and maybe even have a subtle signal to let them know you need help slipping away.

Give a thank you speech with your spouse.

You’ve just had the best day of your life (so far). Take a couple of minutes during your reception to tell everyone who made it possible—from you parents to your maid of honor to your flower girls—thank you. And don’t forget to also thank all of your guests, especially those who traveled a long way, who helped you celebrate this momentous day.

Make time for both of your parents.

Brides dance with their fathers. Grooms dance with their mothers. But what about the other parent? I know weddings are long and there’s a lot going on throughout the day, but make time to do something special with both of your parents. Grab your mom and go have fun taking funny pictures in your photo booth. Or pull her aside during your reception just to hug her and tell her how much you love her. You and they will appreciate it.

Don’t stress when something goes wrong.

No wedding is perfect, no matter how much time and planning you put into it. But guess what? Most guests won’t even notice a little hiccup. Don’t let something small ruin your big day. Enjoy it!