Tips to Keep Your Wedding Hair Looking Great All Day

Tips to Keep Your Wedding Hair Looking Great All Day

Among the ceremony, the food, the pictures and everything else you need to worry about on your wedding day, your hair shouldn’t be one of them. Most women are familiar with the struggle of keeping their hair looking flawless all day. We want to help you tackle that before it becomes a problem on your big day. Take a look at our 6 tips to keep your wedding hair looking great all day, and enjoy your celebrations without stressing about your hairdo.

High and Tight

Even though you might want that beautiful, loose look to compliment your day, don’t be fooled. Starting out loose will just make your hair fall out later. Start tight and high up because throughout the day your hair will loosen. Then you will get that look you were wanting without as much fallout and the need to fix it. If you want to ensure that loose look for pictures, consider taking them on a different day other than your wedding. Then you’ll only need to ensure your loose, gorgeous look stays in place for a few hours instead of the whole day.

Accessories Last Minute

Whether you have embellished barrettes or fresh flowers, remember not to add them until the very last minute in your dressing room. Be especially cautious with fresh flowers that need to be stored in a cool place to prevent early wilting. It might be hard not to want to see the complete look earlier, but it’s well worth the wait.

Second Day Hair

A great tip for any occasion, but especially for weddings, hair that has not been washed the day of holds a hairstyle much better. It has the grit and grip that helps it stay in place better for an all day look. Dry shampoo can also be a fantastic method to not only add grip but ensure plenty of volume too. One other tip while preparing your hair is to not over condition or put on a hair mask. It weighs it down and prevents you from having that grit you want to style it.

Travel Hairspray and Bobby Pins

Always have extra bobby pins and mini hairspray in a bag to bring along for the day. This will not only ease your conscience but will help out if there are any mishaps throughout the day. Hopefully you started out with your hair tight enough so this won’t happen as much, but in case you do, you’ll be prepared.

Bring a Curling/Flat Iron

If you’re wearing your hair down, bring your curling iron or flat iron (depending on your type of hairdo) to your wedding venue. This way you can re-curl or straighten any strands that need a little pick me up. Make sure to plan a few extra minutes between each part of your day so you can do a little maintenance on your hair.

Button Up Shirt

Wearing a button up shirt while getting your hair and makeup done is crucial. It’s a simple tip, but once you know it, it will improve how you hair and makeup looks after getting ready. You won’t have to worry about smudging your makeup or ruining your hair when changing your clothes.

Don’t Touch!

Of course, we all know what happens when we fiddle too much with our hair. Touching or moving your hair will loosen the hair and most likely worsen rather than help the problem. If you do need a touchup, have your stylist or one of your bridesmaids help fix the mishap. Then you can use those bobby pins and hairspray you have as backup to make it all better.

Hopefully these tips provide the help you’re looking for and reduce the dilemmas that could happen during the day. If you have one, talk to your hairstylist early and test the look. Be prepared and enjoy the day of your wedding.