A Guide to the Perfect Veil

A Guide to the Perfect Veil

Once you decide you are going to wear a veil on your wedding day, you’ll need to pick a style. Whether you have no idea the kinds of veils there are, or if you just need something to visualize what you’re imagining, you came to the right place! Here is a list of popular veil types and how to style them.


Birdcage veils are just short and sweet veils that can be worn in front of the face or on the back of the head. Brides like the old fashioned, roaring Twenties feel that it gives. They are perfect for elegant, yet casual bridal looks that’s easy for a quick getaway at the end of the night.


FlyAway veils are shoulder length (or just past) veils that can add an extra something’ to complement your beautiful wedding dress.


This is an elbow length veil that is the perfect length for a classic wedding and any beautiful bride.


Fingertip is a great match for brides who want a just enough drama to look beautiful and make heads turn while still being conservative and mellow.


A waltz length veil is the start of all the amazingly dramatic and long veils. The waltz is just long enough to not drag on the ground and be stepped on, but still keeping the appearance of a gorgeous long veil.

Sweep or Chapel

This veil is very photogenic and loves to get its picture taken. It has an elegant short trail on the ground and draws all the attention to the bride.


The cathedral veil is the longest there is. This veil creates a dramatic and unforgettable aesthetic and will certainly make a statement on your wedding day.


The Mantilla originated from Spain and is an especially beautiful veil because it is pinned at the crown of the head and droops over the shoulders that gives a nice feminine look. This veil can come in various lengths because the signature element is how the veil is placed on the head.

When choosing a veil, you should be sure to coordinate appropriate lengths of both the veil and the dress with each other. With short dresses, consider a short veil to stay consistent. With longer veils, keep the fabric of the dress in mind so the veil doesn’t take away or add too much drama to the look. These simple details can make a world of a difference on how elegant and well put together it will look.

Whichever veil you choose to wear on your wedding day, it will add a beautiful, classic touch that is timeless. So enjoy feeling it blowing in the wind and wear it with confidence next to the love of your life.